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Save avatar in custom directory.
Don't have photo yet? Use webcam feature to capture it.
Beautiful Interface to choose, crop, resize and upload.
Avatar upload to Amazon S3 or Dropbox.



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Save Avatars in Custom Directory

Do you want to save avatar in custom directory instead of media manager? It's easy now, specify directory path and you're done. A useful feature to backup avatar's folder and transfer from one site to another.

Capture Avatar Using Webcam

Most awaited feature in wp user avatar. Now you can capture avatar instantly using webcam and set it as your latest avatar.

Innovative Interface to Work With Files System, Webcam, Media Manager Together

A well researched interface, to work with choose file from file system or capture avatar using webcam or select image from media manager, is designed by flipper code team to make it easy to use product.

Get Avatar on Registration Form

Get avatar on time of registration helps you to recognise the person who registered. You can enable/disable this feature from backend setting.

Upgrade Free Version to Pro Version Fearlessly

About millions of people using wp user avatar so it was a challenge to make upgrade to pro version fearlessly and shouldn't affect any of your previous avatars. Hard work never fails, you can switch to pro version without losing any avatar.

Save Avatars in Amazone S3 or DropBox

Thousands of users on your website? It's worth to upload avatars on cloud server like amazon s3 or dropbox to improve accessibility and reduce spending on technology infrastructure.

Choose, Resize, Crop and Upload in Seconds

Gives your users to resize and crop the avatar after capturing snapshot using webcam or selecting image from file system or media manager.

Community Friendly - Multi-Lingual, Multi-Site, BuddyPress and BBPress Supported

This product is community friendly and works well on both single site and multi-site wordpress setup. You can translate user interface using .po files and fully compatible with bbpress and buddypress.

Doesn't meet your requirement?

We're dedicated to make this product more useful for community and requesting your suggestions or feature request to make it a suitable product for you.

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