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Export/Import Thousands of Locations.
Filters, Sorting & Pagination Listing
Responsive, Multi-lingual & Multi-Site Supported.
Clickable Shapes - Polygon, Polylines, Circle & Rectangles
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Unlimited Locations, Maps & Categories

You can display any number of locations on a map with categories for better usability.
Our product gives you the ability to easily put any number of Google Maps on a single web page with the use of shortcodes.

+500 Readymade or Choose Your Own Icons

Choose from over 500 icons, or upload your own for ultimate flexibility.

Elegantly Responsive

Responsiveness is now essential and maps was previously lacking in this department. Maps created by Advanced Google Maps Plugin are now fully responsive and look great across all devices.

Export/Import Using CSV - Unlimited Location Fields

If you have a huge collections of location information to display on maps and it’s time consuming to enter them one by one. Our import tool enables you to to import locations in bulk, and you can then assign those locations to any number of maps. Export tools are also available to keep backups or transfer your locations from one server to another.

External Data Source Supported

Do you already have a locations database? Or do you want to display locations via live API’s?This product lets you connect external sources using hooks and synchronise your maps with external data sources.

Display Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types on Maps

Want to display points of interest and attractions on a map? Running a store locator? With Advanced Google Maps Plugin it’s super easy to display your posts, pages or custom post types over maps and display post information on a marker.

Unlimited Shapes - Polygon, Circles, Polylines & Rectangles

Highlight areas on Google Maps with your own colors, opacity and stroke width in the form of circles, rectangles, polygons or polylines, in any shape or size you want. Drawing your shapes using mouse clicks makes it an easy to use drawing tool for creating custom Google Maps.

Beautiful Maps Skins

Bored with the default Google Maps skin? Beautify your Google Maps with skins to suit your individual needs, or a custom theme with the help of snazzymaps.com, and let your own creativity take over!

Layers - KML, KMZ, Traffic & Bicycle

It was never possible to display multiple layers on a google map without programming. Implement Bicycle, KML and KMZ layers are available on Google Maps individually or using multiple layers to display various information on the Google Map.

Too Many Markers? Apply Marker Cluster in Seconds

Too many markers? For better visualization, marker clusters is the best approach to display thousands of markers on a Google Map in a clean and concise way. This product lets you implement marker clusters with just few simple clicks!

Listing Direcory - Search, Filter, Pagination & Fully Customizable

Displaying location listings below your map is now super easy. You can search within listings and apply pagination for large number of locations at once. The Listing Directory feature is ajax based for an excellent user experience. Using placeholders, you can display any information you want about a location.

Display Multiple Routes on Maps - Way Points Supported

Riding a tour? Or have a planned tour map? Show your route with your own colors, width and opacity on google maps and display routes direction. A route can be assigned to any number of maps or multiple routes on a google map.

Many More Features...

Months of hard work have gone into the development of this plugin using feedback from thousands of users, making it the best Google Maps plugin ever, yet so simple to use.

  • Set center latitude & longitude individually or globally for the maps.
  • Turn on/off scrolling wheel for a better user experience.
  • Turn on/off draggable property for mobile devices for easy navigation.
  • Shows off buildings in multiple dimensions using 45­degree imagery.
  • Show/Hide buttons for panning the map using Pan control.
  • Control the zoom level of the map using Zoom control.
  • Enable scale control to display a map scale element.
  • Display Pegman icon which can be dragged onto the map to enable Street View.
  • Displays a thumbnail overview map reflecting the current map viewport within a wider area.
  • Center map automatically by nearest location.
  • Enable street view and setup POV Heading and POV pitch.
  • Display overlays by customizing width, height ,color and border properties.
  • Limit map’s area using panning and zooming limitations.
  • Display category tabs to sort and filter markers on Google Maps by category.
  • Add ‘Nearby Widget’ on Google Maps to filter nearby locations within a certain distance (miles/km).
  • Easily import GeoJSON data and display points, line­strings and polygons.
  • No need for a Google API key. Based on API Version 3.
  • Hooks Supported to modify maps, locations, and listing on the fly.
  • Users can toggle between map types: roadmap, satellite, hybrid and terrain supported.

Refund Policy

We’re introducing “one click refund policy” to refund you back if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product.

Frequently Ask Questions

This plugin don't hack any template filter or action, and map output is shortcode based, so it works in all types of themes.
No. There is no data limit on this license. You can have as many locations, categories, maps and routes as you want.
No. All your data is safe within your database, but you must deactivate the free version and then activate the pro version to add all new changes.
Yes this plugin is fully extensible.
There is no expiration date for single site usages. Once purchased, it's yours forever.
After copying the pro version files into the plugins folder, deactivate the free version first, and then activate the pro version.
We provide support on Help Desk, Codecanyon and via email at hello@flippercode.com.
NO, in case we need to check your map settings or find out confliction, mail us your wp login at hello@flippercode.com with support question.
YES, we have good hand in google maps api to provide you quick and affordable pricing for your customization.