Sell eCards using Woo-Commerce

Convert your woo-commerce product into eCard easily
Instant Preview before sending eCard
Scheduled your eCard on future dates
Send Email via Mandrill API

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Ecard Form

 WooCommerce eCard pro

Ecard Preview

Ecard preview wwgvqd WooCommerce eCard pro

Enable-Disable Settings

enable disable settings WooCommerce eCard pro

Label Settings

label settings kd14y9 WooCommerce eCard pro

Email Settings

email settings tetiwc WooCommerce eCard pro

 WooCommerce eCard pro

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Convert WooCommerce Products into Ecards

You can convert your existing or new products in to ecard using backend setting.

Step 1 : Install this product.

Step 2 : Go to WooCoomerce > Products > Add New

Step 3 : Create Product & Enable checkbox Convert To Ecard

Schedule your eCard on Future Dates

You can choose your future date when you want to send ecard to your friends and relatives or send ecards instantly.

Instant Preview Before Sending Ecard

You can see instant preview before sending your eCard.

Learn from Tutorials

Don't Know how to start ? No need to worry! Just learn from our guide video Tutorial

View Tutorials

Community Friendly - Multilingual, Multi-Site

This product is community friendly and works well on both single site and multi-site wordpress setup. You can translate user interface using .po files.

Helpful Support Makes You Feel Good

We’re dedicated to provide a helpful support to all our clients and we are available whenever clients need us. Any Question? Just raise a support ticket using our helpdesk and our guys are ready to listen you until your problem resolved.

Assured Customer Service

We Assured for Guarantee Response with in 24 Hours

Refund Policy

We’re introducing “one click refund policy” to refund you back if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product.

Full Features

These are the features of plugin.

  • Convert your woo-commerce product to an ecard.
  • Setup default greeting subject & message for the ecard.
  • Visitor can send ecard instantly or schedule it for later.
  • Show/hide recipient details on cart, checkout and order details page..
  • Admin can insert promotional information in the email.
  • Customize form settings in the backend.
  • Visitor can add own greeting message.
  • Send email using mandrill api.
  • Visitor can send a copy to self.
  • Visitors can view ecard preview before sending.
  • Admin can insert promotional information in the email.

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This plugin is compatible to all wordpress themes which supports woocommerce.
No. There is no data limit on this license.
Yes this plugin is fully extensible using hooks.
There is no expiration date for single site usages. Once you get it, it's your for forever.
We're activate on Help Desk, Codecanyon and via email at
NO, in case we need to check your map settings or find out confliction, mail us your wp login at with support question.
YES, we have good hand in woocommerce to provide you quick and affordable pricing for your customization.