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Standard format for shortcode is as below.

  • Address – Enter address of the location.
  • Infowindow message (optional) – Enter message to display by click on marker. HTML Tags are allowed.
  • Draggable (optional) – Make this marker draggable. options is true/false. Default is false.
  • Clickable (optional) – Make this marker clickable. options is true/false. Default is true
  • Marker Group (optional)- Provides id of the group. You can retrive id from manage marker group page.

So you can display any number of markers using this shortcode.

Below are few examples to understand it better.

Single Location :
[display_map address1="New Delhi, india | It's easy. Isn't? "]

Multiple Locations :
[display_map address1="New Delhi, India | Clicked on Delhi" address2="Mumbai, India | Clicked on Mumbai" zoom=3]

This google map wordpress plugin is available on codecanyon to get it.

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