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google map Display Multiple Markers using Addresses on google maps Sometime we need to display location over google maps based on address and this address could by dynamic from database. This plugin provides easiest way to achieve this and you can display multiple location on google maps by providing addresses only.

How to Apply

To display New York City and Philadelphia on google maps, you can follow below steps.

  • Step 1 : Download the plugin from codecanyon and install on your wordpress site.
  • Step 2 : You can use display_map shortcode and pass both cities as per following code.
    [display_map address1=" New York City | We're in New York City" address2=" Philadelphia | We're in Philadelphia City" zoom=5] and you’re done.



You can pass various parameters in the shortcode e. width, height, zoom level, infowindow message, draggable or not, clickable or not and category id you have any category created in the backend.

  • Address – Enter address of the location.
  • Infowindow message (optional) – Enter message to display by click on marker. HTML Tags are allowed.
  • Draggable (optional) – Make this marker draggable. options is true/false. Default is false.
  • Clickable (optional) – Make this marker clickable. options is true/false. Default is true
  • Marker Group (optional)– Provides id of the group. You can retrive id from manage marker group page.
  • Width– Width of the map.
  • Height– Height of the map.
  • Zoom– Zoom level of the map.

How to Buy

You can buy this plugin from codecanyon in just $28 and email us at hello@flippercode.com or create a support ticket using helpdesk for any type of query or help regarding this plugin.

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Customize Product according to your requirements?

We will be glad to discuss any of your needs related to our wordpress plugins . if any of functionality you'd like to see in products, you can reach us by via email hello@flippercode.com.